Welcome to Another Month of Recipes !

     Well, summer is upon us now. The temperatures are climbing up quite
steadily here at our homebase in South Carolina as they appear to be 
across most of the United States. Summer is also the time of year when
families pack their bags and take off on a little jaunt to various 
tourist attractions for summer vacations. Well, the *Mayor* and Chief 
Chef here at CulinaryClassics has decided to do the very same thing. So,
for the months of June, July and August, the recipes of the month are
going to be a little different. Don't go worrying now, the recipes will
still be as mouthwatering as you have come to expect from our test 
kitchen, just that they will not be recipes that I have prepared myself
as the usual fare here in our Recipe of the Month corner. So, for the 
summer months of June, July and August, we will be highlighting some 
scrumptious, mouthwatering recipes that have recently been posted on 
some recipe lists on the Internet which I have recently subscribed to.
All of these recipes and the lists they were posted to receive "5 Stars"
from the culinary staff here at CulinaryClassics, so don't be bashful
just head on over to Onelist.Com where these lists originate from and 
sign yourself up for one, two, three or more of them. You will not be 
disappointed. In the words of one of my all-time favorite chefs, Justin 
Wilson, "I Guar-On-Tee It !!!"

     For this month's selections we have chosen 6 recipes from the 
Friendly-Freezer list at onelist. Friendly-Freezer primarily contains
recipes dealing with bulk cooking , also known as Once A Month Cooking
(OAMC), which is basically recipes that can be prepared ahead of time and
stored in the freezer to be removed later and finished thru baking, etc.
The primarily example of an OAMC meal I can think of is just about any
type of casserole. Now mind you, Friendly-Freezer consists of more than
just casserole recipes so it behooves you to take a look into this high-
caliber recipe list and see what you can find.

    Secondly, we have selected six recipes for this month from the
Simple Meals recipe list, also hosted at onelist. The majority of the
recipes at Simple Meals are, just as the name implies, simple to prepare
without a lot of time spent on preparation or even for that matter not
a lot of money. In most cases you will not find "gourmet" recipes
being posted at Simple Meals, but on the same time it is NOT just
recipes telling you to open a can or package of convenience foods. 
Once again, we here at CulinaryClassics, recommend you head on over
to OneList.Com and sign up for this list, at least on a trial basis 
and see if what they have to offer is for you.

    Okay, enough rambling from the chef, let's get started with the
recipes. The first six, once again are from Friendly-Freezer and the 
second six are from Simple Meals, two "5-Star Recipes" hosted at 
Onelist.Com. And until next month, keep cool and keep the kitchen
turning out those yummy goodies !!!

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