July 1999 Recipes of the Month !

    My oh my, how time seems to fly by?? Here we are getting ready to 
place together our Recipes of the Month for July 1999. (On a side note,
it sure doesn't seem possible that the year '99 is now half over with.
Time to start thinking about the feastings for your BIG MILLENIAL BASH,
ladies and gentlemen ! I know, I'm getting ahead of myself here. Back to 
the task at hand, July 99's recipe selections. So, okay here we go. 
Drumroll, please............ 

    As pointed out in last month's postings, the Chef/ Mayor of 
CulinaryClassics during the summer months of June, July and August
will be on vacation. But, we are not going to deny you, our loyal 
fans and followers, a "5 Star" collection of recipes while I am out
loafing on the local beach (don't I wish.... hehehe).

   So, without further ado, let's dig into these scrumptious recipes
that we have selected for July 1999... First, we have selected *SIX* 
recipes from the recipe list of Blue-Ribbon Recipes hosted at
OneList. Once again, we rank Blue-Ribbon as a "5-Star" list. The 
recipes on this list are, as the name suggests, prize winning recipes.
The majority of them are from winning entries in county or state fairs,
while others are derived from other cooking contests. For a change of 
pace, the weekends allow what the listowner calls "off topic weekends"
(OTW) where just about anything goes for recipe posts. In other words,
recipes posted on weekends, do not necessarily have to be award winners.
Another nice feature of this list is the monthly optional recipe swaps.
For this, those who wish to participate send 5 recipes to a separate
mailing address from the recipe list email address. There is a different
"theme" each month for your submissions for the swap. (For example,
this month's theme was muffins.) In return for your 5 recipes you also 
receive 5 recipes from everyone else who opted to participate in an email
sent to you by the organizer of the swap. 

     We have also selected High Fiber-Low Fat mailing list at OneList.Com
for our July Recipes of the Month Spotlight. As the name suggests, High-
Fiber Low-Fat is a list of recipes pertaining to those particular dietary 
guidelines. Since this list is more "target-oriented" it may not be for
everyone. However, I do encourage you to at least check it out. Contrary 
to "popular myth" not all high-fiber or low-fat foods are bland tasting.
Au contraire, my fellow kitchenaires !! I have found a number of awesome
recipes on this list during my short tenure there thus far. And of course,
High-Fiber Low-Fat receives "5-Stars" !! You don't expect me to promote
a recipe list of lower caliber here, do you???  By the way, be looking
again next month for MORE recipes from some new-to-me recipe lists. If all
goes well, I will be back in the kitchen cookin' up a storm in September
and be back with my usual recipe postings. Until then my culinary
afficianados, pull up a chair and enjoy my special selections !!

Take Me to The Recipes, James !!

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