Culinary Terms Starting with 'A'

On this page you will find culinary terms that begin with the letter "A". This list is far from being complete, but rather is just the beginning. Check back again for further additions to CulinaryClassics Online Glossary of Culinary Terminology !!


ABSINTHE: A strong, wormwood-flavored liqueur.


AIGRE: A sour, tart, or bitter taste.


AIGUILLETTE: Along, thin slice of meat from the breast.

AIL: Garlic.

AILE: A wing.

AILERON: A wing tip.

A` LA: In the style of.

ALCOOL: Alcohol

ALLSPICE: A spice which combines the flavors of nutmeg, cloves & cinnamon.

ALMONDINE: Cooked or prepared with almonds.

ALOYAU: Sirloin.

AMANDINE: See almondine.

ANANAS: Pineapple.

ANETH: See dill.

ANGLAIS/ANGLAISE: English style; cooked & served as it is, or once was
       in England.


ANISE: An aromatic plant whose seeds taste like licorice.

ANISETTE: Anise or licorice-flavored liqqueur.

APERTIF: A before-dinner drink which serves to whet the appetite.

APPELATION D'ORIGINE CONTRO^LE'E: A French system for indicating the
      quality of wine or dairy products. It specifies the place and
      conditions of manufacture. Commonly abbreviated to AC or AOC.

APPE'TIT: Appetite. "Bon Appe'tit" wishes someone a hearty appetite.

APPETIZER: A dish, often of tidbits, used to whet the appetite before
     a meal.

APPLE CORER: A round metal slicer with two opposing grips, used to cut
     an apple into sections and remove the core.

(A`L')ARLEQUINE: An arrangement of multicolored foods on a single plate.

AROMATES: Herbs and seasonings.
ARO^ME: Aroma, fragrance.

ARTICHAUT: Artichoke.

ARTICHOKE HEART: The tender base of the artichoke covered with leaves,
    just above the stalk. 

ASPERGES: Asparagus. The last sound in the word is short, like the 
    buzzy sound in ZsaZsa.

ASPIC: Meat-flavored gelatin, or a cold dish whose ingredients are
   completely covered with a thick layer of jellied aspic.

ASSAISONNEMENT: Any one of many dressings or seasonings.

ASSIETTE: A dish. The word refers to either the plate or the food
   served upon it.

AU/AUX: Of or with. The masculine form of a` la. 

AUBERGE: An inn or tavern.

AU JUS: Served with its own juices, which have usually been simmered
    with stock for extra thickness.

AULX: Garlic. The plural of ail.

AURIQUETTE: Milk bread.

(A` L')AURORE: Anything that is rose-colored, as from the addition of
    raspberry or tomato juice. The word means "dawn".

AVEC: With.

AVELINE: A filbert. See hazelnut.


AZYME: Unleavened.

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