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    Well, here I shall tell you a little bit about myself. I'll try 
not to put you to sleep ... but just in case you might want to grab an
extra cup of coffee .... 

About    the    Mayor    ....

     This website is owned and maintained by the Mayor of CulinaryClassics,
Roger A. Young, Jr. Roger is a resident of Greenville, South Carolina 
and is employed as a cook at the Hyatt Regency Provencia Restaurant in
Greenville, SC. Roger has had over six years prior experience in the 
food industry as a baker in two Rochester, NY area locations -- Breen's 
Bells and Dave & Dee's Bakery -- prior to relocating to South Carolina 
in 1997.
     Roger enjoys experimenting with different methods of cooking and
baking, always trying to expand his repertoire. He also enjoys adding
to his growing collection of recipes through new and used cookbooks
and various recipe websites and mailing lists on the internet.

   *** Pictured below is Roger in Hyatt Regency Culinary Uniform ***

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