"Welcome    to    our    CommunityActionCenter......

     Thank you for stopping by. We REALLY need your help here. You see,
our Volunteer Coordinator, Mr. Donald Duck, is feeling a little stressed
out right now. He is frustrated and overwhelmed with the fact that there
are so many hardworking nonprofit organizations out there that are 
working very hard to solve problems in our society today. The reason
for Donald's frustration is that he wants to help ALL of these groups.
But, Donald is just one "Duck", as each and every one of the residents
of CulinaryClassics are only one person by themselves. Donald feels that
there is not much that he can do to help all by himself. But, if ALL of
us at CulinaryClassics unite together we can REALLY make a contribution.
Now just think for a moment, if ALL of our CulinaryClassics CyberTown
VISITORS joined in on our efforts what we could accomplish....

     It is for this reason that CulinaryClassics has opened our very
own "CommunityActionCenter". In this Center, we are going to be focusing
on the efforts of some of the many very worthy organizations that are
currently trying to improve our "Global Community". All we ask of you,
our visitor, is to take a look at the information we are providing on
these pages, and if you can, to assist in their efforts. There are many
methods of assisting. These could include, but are not limited to, making
a financial donation, volunteering, or even, if you are a website owner,
setting aside a space on your website, to promote the efforts of one or
more of the organizations described here.

     All of the citizens of CulinaryClassics want to make a *POSITIVE*
contribution to our "Global Community". This is the REAL reason for us
adding the CommunityActionCenter to our CyberTown, to try to make a 
difference. If you have a website and would be willing to do a similar
section on your site, please contact me thru our "PostOffice" here at
CulinaryClassics and I will let you know how.

     We are going to be adding new organizations to our list here... so
PLEASE Check Back Here Frequently.....Someone's Life May Depend Upon It....
We at CulinaryClassics *CARE* about our *ENTIRE GLOBAL COMMUNITY*... 
                            DO YOU??????

     If you know of an organization that is trying to improve our society
that you feel should be included on this section, PLEASE contact me via
email with any pertinent information..... and I will be *GLAD* to add
it to our list.....I have provided a link to our "PostOffice" where you
can find the information to contact me.


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