"May    I    Help    You?"

   Yes, we are open for business, we are just unlocking the doors. As
you can see we have plenty of empty seats for you to choose from. But,
you are lucky... if you had stopped in about an hour later... this place
would have been packed. It would have been "Standing Room Only"...
     There are two sections to our CyberCafe' --- no it isn't a smoking
section and non-smoking section. We have a much better arrangement. Let
me explain.... 

     The first section is where you can choose from Menu Items from our
MAYOR's Recipes of the Month. These are not your average, everyday menu
items either. They really are top-notch. If that will be your choice, 
just pick up the menu down there at the bottom of the page marked:

     And right over there, we have our "RoundTable of GuestChefs". This
is really becoming a popular attraction in our CyberTown. On a regular
basis, we will invite a world-renowned chef to stop in to our CyberCafe'
to share some ideas, thoughts and delicious recipes with all of our
patrons. And the best part of it is they leave us a copy of the recipes
that they share, so you can take them home with you. In addition, we 
also serve all the items found in the "GUESTCHEF" Menu on our menu here
at CulinaryClassics CyberCafe'...........

     Now what would you like to eat? Ah yes, excellent choice. Yes, our
CyberCafe' chef is none other than our *MAYOR*, Roger A Young, Jr. He
takes great pride in his work making sure that every plate is a true
masterpiece. I know you will really be pleased with his work!!! Enjoy...

     Oh, by the way, my name is Miss Minnie and I will be your hostess
while you are dining here at our CyberCafe', so if you need anything at
all just give me a shout... and thank you for stopping by!!!

Our Selection of Current Menus at our CyberCafe'....

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