This Website is Dedicated To ....

the memory of my fiancee, Jennifer Lynn Blayzak. Jennifer was born on
April 22, 1970. She should have been celebrating her 28th birthday 
the week of this writing. But Jennifer's life ended on May 27, 1992,
just two months after her 22nd birthday.
     Jennifer's life ended needlessly after the car she was drving was
struck head-on by an intoxicated driver. Jennifer and I had planned on
being married the following month on June 27, 1992. Twenty-two is too
young to die ... don't you think so?

      ** Below is a picture of Jennifer on her 21st Birthday **

A Tribute to Jennifer

by Roger Alan Young, Jr.

I sit here all alone,
dealing with my pain.
It's tearing me apart,
am I going insane?

The day that you died,
I wanted to go, too.
Once more I wanted to say,
"Jen, I love you!"

Now I'm struggling to live,
trying desperately to hold on.
I'm all empty inside
because it's forever you are gone.

First I try to talk about it,
then I start to scream.
I only want to be with you,
and I can ... whenever I dream.

It seems like only yesterday,
that we had to part,
but in reality it is much longer,
since I lost the love in my heart.

People say to let go of you,
but all I can do is cry.
One day we will be together again,
But, for now my love, goodbye!

                  In Loving Memory of my Fiancee
                      Jennifer Lynn Blayzak
                  April 22, 1970 - May 27, 1992
                   Written on February 1, 1994

It    Only    Takes    a    Split    Second    ....

to change or destroy someone's life and the lives of their loved ones.
The mistake of drinking and driving may also ruin your life. So please
think before you drink. If you are going to drink, DON'T DRIVE !! Call
a friend, call a cab, just don't drive ....
    If you would like information on how you can help stop drunk 
driving please email me and I can tell you what you can do to help 
prevent more tragic losses of life like Jennifer's ....

   --- Roger A. Young, Jr.
  Former Community Action Team Coordinator
  MADD: Wayne County (New York State)

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