"The    Bell    is    Ringing".......    Don't    be    Late!!!!

     Yes, it is time for "school" to begin. So come on in and find your 
seat. Quiet now, we have a lot to cover here today. In our SchoolHouse,
today we will be exploring the following topics:
  *CulinarySchools Worldwide
  *Reviewing our Online Glossary of Culinary Terminology

     Unless you have any questions we will get started now.....

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"Grandma George"

Please Check back again.......

     This is just the start of our SchoolHouse. We will be adding more
"ClassRooms" in the near future. We will also be expanding upon our 
current ClassRooms adding more info on Culinary Schools Worldwide and
providing our students with more Culinary Terms in our Online Glossary.

     So please explore our current ClassRooms and enjoy your visit... 
and don't forget to stop back again to see our new additions in the 
near future......

     Class Dismissed!! But, remember, NO running in the hallways...

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