"SMILE......    You're    On    Candid    Camera    !!!"

     Welcome to our PhotoStudio. Come on in and make yourself at home.
Goofy, our manager, is a little confused right now.... he seems to have
misplaced his camera after the last photo shoot. And what is a Photo
Studio without a camera???? But don't worry --- he knows it is around
here somewhere. As soon as he finds it he will be ready to take your
pictures....."Now where DID I lay down that camera?", asks Goofy.....


While    You    are    Waiting......

     Please feel free to browse through the photo albums that are laying
on the end table over there by the sofa. Go ahead and pick them up and
browse through them. These were all pictures taken by our very own....
Goofy!! As you can see he really does do good work --- even though he
can be a little absent-minded at times.
     In the photo albums, you will find an assortment of pictures of
some local "CELEBRITIES" from our proud CyberTown of CulinaryClassics.
Just pick up the ones titled "Celebrity" --- there are three of them.
     And underneath those three there is a very special photo album to
all of us residents here at CulinaryClassics. This one is about a very
special girl to whom we are dedicating the growth of our CyberTown. That
album should be the one titled "Dedication".

     The last photo album on the table had better be the one that tells
all about our *MAYOR* of CulinaryClassics, Roger A. Young, Jr. Every
once in awhile, he will come in to the studio here and try to sneak the
book out because he says he doesn't want everyone to find out what he
looks like and about some of his "Life Story". But everytime he tries,
I catch him and make him put it back. I tell him, if he wants to be in
the world of politics, and be the MAYOR of this community he has to be
used to everyone wanting to know who he is and what he looks like. Don't
you agree with me???

     I promise, by the time you finish browsing through the photo albums
there I will have found that camera of mine. Now let's see your best 
smile. Come on, you can do BETTER than that!!! Let's see some of those
pearly whites of yours... SMILE, SAY CHEESE!! There, that's better. Now
you finish looking through the photo albums and I will go back to finding
that camera of mine.

Browsing through Our PhotoAlbums.....

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Click HERE to Browse through our 3rd CELEBRITY Album:
Click HERE to Browse through our DEDICATION Memorial....:
Click HERE to Browse through our MAYOR'S Album....:

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