"Yes,    May    I    help    you??"

     Step up to the counter... don't be shy.... sweet Daisy Duck is here
to help you with whatever you may need..... She can help direct you to
our MailRoom where you can contact the *MAYOR* of our CyberTown.....

     We are also keeping our Visitor's Register ---aka the Guestbook ---
at the PostOffice. So feel free to take a moment to browse through it... 
and don't forget to add your name to our Register and let us know who 
you are and what you think of our CyberTown..... CulinaryClassics!!!
     She can also direct you to our List of RECIPE EMAIL LISTS ON THE 
INTERNET... Just ask her what you need to and she is the lady to help
you..... We feel lucky to have Miss Daisy Duck as the "OFFICIAL" 
Postmasteress of CulinaryClassics CyberTown......

"Oh,    You    are    Lost??"

     "I can gladly provide you with some directions. Where is it you are
looking to go to??" asks Miss Daisy.

     "Okay. The easiest thing to do is follow the "map" down at the 
bottom of this page to our CyberTown's TownSquare... It is just around
the corner so it won't take you long to get there. There you will find
a detailed map with directions for getting to any location within our
town limits."

    "Oh, you are very welcome. Have a nice day now... and be sure to 
stop in and see me again real soon. The way this CyberTown is growing
we will likely have some new additions to our PostOffice. If we do just
ask and I will be honored to give you a tour and show you around..."

Making Your Way through our Crowded PostOffice....

Visit our MailRoom to Contact the MAYOR.....
Visit our Online Directory of RECIPE EMAIL LISTS...
(Miss Daisy proudly compiled the list just for you!)
Look Through our Visitor's Register & Add Your Name to the List too!!
(Also Known as Our "Guestbook")

RoadMap to our Very Own TownSquare

RETURN to our TownSquare ......: