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     UPDATED: 9-27-98....

   This section of the CulinaryClassics CyberTown is still under 
development. However, we have begun to list culinary schools worldwide
on this section. This is just the beginning... be sure to check back
periodically for updates on this section.

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CulinaryClassics List of Culinary Schools Worldwide !!!

Culinary Institute of America:
French Culinary Institute:
International Culinary Academy:
Johnson & Wales University:
New England Culinary Institute:
Disney World Culinary Apprenticeship:
Greenville Tech:
Opryland Hotel Culinary Institute:
California Culinary Academy:
Scottsdale Culinary Institute:
Chef John Folse Culinary Institute:
Delgado Community College:
Western Culinary Institute:
Dubrulle French Culinary School:
Stratford Chefs School:
Le Cordon Bleu:


   The staff at CulinaryClassics is not affiliated with or does not
endorse any of the culinary schools listed in this online guide. It is
simply the intention of CulinaryClassics to provide information on 
various culinary schools throughout the world with links to their 
websites where available.

  --Roger A. Young, Jr.

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