Welcome to Culinary Classics -- the newest Center for culinarians
 of all skill levels. Culinary Classics is still being developed and updated
with new content and new recipes.This site is brought 
to you by the originator of this site: Roger A. Young, Jr., and James J. Rokitka
Culinary Classics is being designed to be a reference point for anyone
who enjoys spending time in the kitchen -- either as a novice or as a
professional. Some of the future highlights of this website to watch for 
include the following:
   * Featured Recipes of the Month
   * Glossary of Cooking Terminology
   * Culinary Website Yellow Pages
   * Culinary School Information
   * Ethnic Cuisine Specialty Pages
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 ***** RECENT UPDATES *****
  * Complete Redesign in Progress, Please Excuse Our Dust :)
  * Someone's Life May Depend On You... Please Read our Human Interest Links
  * Lycos Site Search - Need to Find Something You Don't See? Search
    through Lycos on our Links Page.
  * Amish/Mennonite Recipes on our Ethnic Cuisines Page
  * Added hundreds of other Culinary Site Links
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 ***** Watch For Soon*****
  * Culinary Terminology
  * Increased Ethnic Section
  * "Specialty-Diet" Recipes (Diabetic, Low-Cholesterol, etc.)
  * Culinary Classics Specialty Food Boutiques 
  * Culinary Classics "Award of Culinary Excellence"

 *****IT'S HERE*****
    Our Cooking Center is undergoing some heavy overhauling in 
 an effort to make it more pleasing to the eye. While this reorganization is
 being completed, there may be some issues encountered. We apologize 
 for any inconvenience this will cause, but it is all for the future of our
 site. We feel however that when the reorganization is complete, our Archives
 will be much more enjoyable !!!
    Please let us know what you think of our ongoing Redesign of our Cooking
 Center by stopping at the contact area, (which you can access from our centralized
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 We welcome both positive and negative feedback because we are here to serve
 all of our valued visitors.

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