Welcome    to    "The    CulinaryClassics    TownSquare"

     I must admit that when I first began to develop this website, I 
did not realize just *HOW* much information that I wanted to place on it.
As I began to build my homepages, I realized that I needed to find some
better method of organizing them in order to make them easier to 
navigate. It is through this realization that our "TownSquare" was born!!
     It is through our "TownSquare" that you can navigate to any of the
pages located on this website. I hope that you will find our site to be
easier to navigate than the previous method. I would like to hear any 
comments you may have, either pro or con, to CulinaryClassics *NEW* 
LOOK !!! I hope you find it to be as easy and enjoyable to surf through
our "CyberTown" as I do......

Making    Your    Way    Through    the    Streets    of    Our    "CyberTown"

     In an effort to make it easier to navigate the "streets" of our very
own CyberTown, CulinaryClassics, we have grouped the various areas into
different sections. We have found a "common ground" between all of the
pages of each section as you will notice. Each section will have a front
page which in turn will navigate you to the various parts of that section.
     In keeping with the theme of CulinaryClassics CyberTown, we have
named each section after different buildings you might find in any 
typical community. And since the center of action in most communities
is the "TownSquare", we have designated our "TownSquare" as the hub, or
center point for your navigation of CulinaryClassics Website...

"Map"    of    The    CulinaryClassics    CyberTown.....

     As you may have noticed from the photo above our TownSquare is 
bustling with activity. As our CyberTown continued to grow, our need
for organization grew. Our CyberTown is expected to continue to grow,
so expect to see new "Building" additions to this section in the near
future. As the *MAYOR* of CulinaryClassics, I know for a fact that there
have been a number of "BuildingPermits" filed in my office in "CityHall".
Now I am not totally sure exactly WHEN all of these buildings will be
completed, BUT I do know for a fact that there is going to be a "Hall of 
Fame" coming to our town, a "Street of Shoppes", a "MedicalCenter", and
"Museum" and with all of our new "businesses" moving in, there is even
talk of forming a "Chamber of Commerce" for our community!! Talk about
a CyberTown that is going to be experiencing explosive growth!!!
     As Mayor of CulinaryClassics, it is my privilege to now introduce
you to some of the **PRESENT** Businesses settled into our humble town.

***SCHOOL HOUSE: With all of the new families moving in we had to add
                 a SchoolHouse.... In our "SchoolHouse" you will 
                 presently find links to our CulinarySchools Worldwide
                 in addition to our Online Glossary of Culinary Terms!!!

***POST OFFICE: In our "PostOffice" you will find information on *RECIPE*
                 EMAIL Lists you can find on the Internet, a Link to 
                 sign in on our Visitor's Register ---aka the Guestbook.
                 In addition you will find a link to all the different
                 ways you can contact the "Mayor" of CulinaryClassics 
                 to let me know what you think of our new design, and
                 what we can do to improve upon the new design to make
                 it even better yet!!!

***PHOTO STUDIO: Of course in our "PhotoStudio" you are going to find 
                 our "Collection of Pictures" of some of the *RESIDENTS*
                 of CulinaryClassics... Included in our PhotoStudio are
                 links to my THREE "CelebrityShrines" (THEY REALLY ARE
                 CELEBRITIES IN MY EYES!!). You will also find a link
                 to my WEBSITE DEDICATION PAGE, and a link to a page
                 where you can find out about all there is to know about
                 the MAYOR of CulinaryClassics!!!!

***CULINARYCLASSICS CAFE: Now we're talking!!! Everybody likes to go to
                the local cafe'.... and our CyberCafe' is no different.
                Come on in, have a cup of coffee, juice, tea, milk, soda, 
                or whatever and enjoy some of our delectible food and
                enjoy some of the local gossip.... In our CyberCafe',
                you will find links to our *RECIPE OF THE MONTH* 
                Collection. The CyberCafe' is also where the "RoundTable
                of GuestChefs" will now be gathering to share with you
                a little bit on their backgrounds, and of course, some
                of their fave scrumptious recipes!!!!!

***TRAVEL AGENCY: So you want to go out and see the world?? Well, if that
               is the case, just step into our very own TravelAgency 
               and our staff will be glad to assist you in securing
               your reservations... Through our TravelAgency, you can
               secure travel arrangements at the "click of a mouse" to
               any location in the CyberWorld ---aka the Internet---
               because it is here that we are housing our HOT LIST of
               Culinary Links!!! We now have a collection of in EXCESS 
               of 250 LINKS on this page.... with more to come in the
               near future!!! And if you cannot find travel destinations
               that you are looking for on our Links Page, you can now
               use our LYCOS "TurboPowered" Search Engine to take you
               to anywhere you want on the 'Net... We all know, the REAL
               reason we all travel to faraway places.... it's for the
               FOOD!!! Well, our TravelAgency can also accomodate that
               desire as well because.... our TravelAgency is the *NEW*
               home of CulinaryClassics "Ethnic Cuisines of the World"

***COMMUNITY ACTION CENTER: Every "Good" Community needs a Community
              Action Center, and because we are trying to develop our
              CyberTown as a "GOOD" Community, CulinaryClassics has
              built our very own COMMUNITY ACTION CENTER!!! Here, you
              will find information on very worthy organizations 
              throughout our "RealWorld" that the Citizens of Culinary
              Classics feel we should assist in any way we can. Therefore,
              we will be providing information on these organizations 
              in our Community Action Center. This is the *NEWEST*
              Building in our recent growth. Therefore, there is only
              one organization profiled there at this time, the National
              Center for Missing & Exploited Children. The folks at this
              organization are doing a very important job, trying to
              bring home MISSING CHILDREN. We ENCOURAGE you to stop by
              our CommunityActionCenter and take a moment to read the 
              page on National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.
              Your doing so could help bring a missing child home to 
              their family, where they so desperately need to be.....

     As I said, this is just the beginning... our town is beginning to
really grow... Enjoy your visit here.... We are glad to have you and be 
sure to Stop Back in Again in the near future and see how much our 
"CyberTown" has grown since your last visit!! You may follow the links 
provided below to Navigate on over to our Building Sites at 

Links to Navigating our "CyberTown".....

Visit our SchoolHouse.....:
Visit our PostOffice....:
Visit our PhotoStudio.....:
Visit our CyberCafe'......:
Visit our TravelAgency.....:
Visit our Community Action Center.....: