Want    to    Go    On    a    FREE    Trip    Around    the    World?

     Well, you have come to the *RIGHT* place. Our Manager of the 
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     We currently offer two travel packages to anywhere in the world. 
The first package is a tour of "Kitchens Around the World", where you
can learn about various ethnic cuisines around the globe. You can pick
up your "ticket" for this package at the ticket window down below by
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     Our second travel package, also very popular, that we are currently
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We are currently offering in EXCESS of 300 DESTINATIONS worldwide with
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     Have a GREAT Trip and be sure to come back and see us again. As our
CyberTown continues to grow we plan on adding NEW ethnic cuisines to offer
as well as EVEN MORE destinations for all of our "Globetrotting" 
Visitors!! Bon Voyage!!!

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